Naturally painted yarns and fibres.

– for a sustainable wardrobe and timeless aesthetic –




In my journey to a slower living, where Nature is an intrinsic part, I decided to get on the ethical production train and contribute to better the environment by moving from synthetic to natural dyes. 

We strive to create a product that uses high quality, biodegradable, raw materials, with 100% natural fibres and a long lasting life in your wardrobe. 

Longer life, less waste generated.

Consume less, but consume better would be our manifesto. 



Complex and harmonious colours.

From planting the seed, to the extraction of the colour and the painting of the yarn or cloth, each step brings me a sense of wonder, contentment and connection to this planet Earth.


Yurwool luxury yarns are hand dyed in small batches with natural ingredients that respect the environment.

Much like the way evergreen trees retain their leaves all year around, our yarns are made of 100% natural fibres, mostly dyed with plant based dyestuff, and also animal (cochineal) to obtain a palette of harmonious hues, that makes them timeless. We strive to create a product that is beautiful while using ingredients that can be composted.


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