Behind the brand

WOOL ...

A short word, brimming with possibilities.

Along this journey called life, I’ve always felt the call to making things and learning new crafts. Some stuck with me for a while, others got forgotten. But the one that really lingered, throughout happy and difficult times, has been working with WOOL.

And why wool, you may ask?

I love its properties. The rusticity and character. The versatility. You can knit, crochet, weave, felt, spin. And, of course, it’s a natural and renewable fibre. The best of both worlds.

As someone who’s been drawn to the tactile experience of creating with my hands, I longed for a craft that would combine my passion for nature, respect for the environment, colours and textures. I’m a self-taught dyer, spinner and knitter.

And so, in May 2019, I founded Yurwool, on the principle of creating beautiful yarns, hand dyed slowly, while keeping the environment always in mind. Our online store offers a carefully selected plastic and nylon free yarns, exclusively dyed using plants and natural ingredients, such as flowers, cochineal, indigo, madder, barks, pine cones, and many more responsibly foraged or grown in our garden.

  • plant-dyed-yarn-gorse-yellow
  • acorns-dyed-cloth
  • linen-botanically-dyer
  • Fungi
  • fern-leaves
  • oak-beech-leaves

I draw my inspiration from my surroundings. From the changes throughout the seasons. From the colours of the moody Irish skies, from interior decoration magazines and many other unexpected places.

If I were to define Yurwool and its process in three words, these would be:

Sustainable, Slow and Timeless