“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see

 John Ruskin

Yurwool is an online store, offering a carefully selected range of luxury, non-superwash yarns from mulesing free sheep, hand dyed with natural ingredients, such as barks, roots, lichens, all foraged locally, in a responsible manner. We also use natural extracts, in concentrated powdery form, and cochineal, to expand our colour palette. 

My name is Margarita, originally from Spain, I moved to Ireland many moons ago, and decided to set roots here. I live with my husband and our two teenage kids, in a tiny village, surrounded by green fields, horses, cows and of course, sheep.

My love for wool and fabrics, began at a very young age. There were always fabrics and wool around the house, mum's sewing machine, knitting and crochet needles, they all spoke handmade. 

With a background in Interior Design, working with wool, and dyeing with plants has given me the ability to nurture my passion for all things colour, while simultaneously transferring a sense of individuality and ownership to every maker, knitter or designer who uses my yarns. 

I mostly get inspired by the beautiful moody Irish skies, from my morning or evening walks through the woodlands, the countryside and my garden, in constant change throughout the days and the seasons. 

This section wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention the main thread connecting the dots - my life search for a simple way of living, where slow, sustainability and self-care is of paramount importance.

Sourcing | foraging |scouring | mordanting | dyeing


At YurwooI we only source the highest quality fibres from ethical farms that practise no mulesing.


Leaves, barks, flowers, lichens, I harvest from my garden, countryside and kitchen, as well as dye extract that I purchase.


Time, attention to detail, experimentation and note-taking are ingredients needed in this slow and mindful process of botanically dyeing.

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