Knitting Techniques

Jan 20, 2020Tutorials

photo courtesy of Regina Moessmer Design

I always go through knitting projects and learn the techniques as I knit them along. I find that if don’t use the same techniques for a while I tend to forget them. So I thought perhaps it’d be great if I had them all in one place, in this blog.   


Akiko by Regina Moessmer 

My very first Top-Down sweater I ever knitted was Akiko, by Regina Moessmer. I knit it using two different bases, one BFL/Masham blend and another Mohair/Silk. The result was a delightfully luxurious, light and soft piece of clothing. 


What did I learn when knitting this jumper?



Without increases and decreases there is no shape, nor lace. There are many different types of both but i’ll be focusing on the stitches I use within the patterns I knit. 

One of the most used type of increases is M1 (make one). They are nearly invisible in your project, they don’t create a hole as the YO increase would create, nor a bump on the fabric as a KFB (knit front and back) would make. There are two M1:


  • M1L (aka bar increase or make one left)
  • M1R (bar increase or make one right).