Constanze Corriedale/Mohair 4 Ply

Constanze Corriedale/Mohair 4 Ply


Constanze is a delightful blend with a natural luster and sheen from the mix of Corriedale and Mohair fibre. It is both soft and durable which makes it perfect for cardigans, sweaters, comfy socks, snugly scarves, mittens and so much more.

Did you know that Corriedale sheep’s parents were crossbred from pure Merino and Lincoln sheep?. They are strong and adapt well to a variety of climates, from the heat of the Equator to Tierra del Fuego’s cold. They account for some 70% of the sheep world population.

  • 50% Corriedale / 50% Mohair
  • Length: 400 m
  • Weight: 100g
  • Gauge: 7 sts/Inch – 3.5mm needle
  • Dye: Elderberries
  • Non-superwash yarn, I recommend a gentle, cool hand wash then lay flat to dry.

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